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    Question [UnAnswered] Is it possible to stream shared Music... PC to PS3?


    I really want to share my music from my PC to my PS3 just like how i can with my 360. But can't seem to find any option to do it. I have heard about Orb but don't really like it, i was wondering if there was a possible way to stream off Wi-FI.

    Also i am using PS3 Proxy and have v1.50 PS3 if that makes any difference.


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    not at the moment i dont think, i was wondering the same thing, but if the rumored 2.0 update turns out to be true, then the 2.0 update will get the rss channel, which we could probly use to stream our music to our ps3.

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    The only way i can think of doing it at the moment is using linux and mapping a network drive to your PC.


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