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Thread: Possible solution to make Flower work?

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    neophyte5001 Guest

    Possible solution to make Flower work?

    Hey guys,

    So I d/l and install the full retail pkg, then the debug update and get error 80029513. So I browse through the folder via FTP and find guard.txt.edat at /dev_hdd0/game/NPUA80083/USRDIR/Data/Guard. Seems that maybe this is the problem? So I was wondering if anyone out there had a working install of flower could see if they have guard.txt with the .edat extension, and upload it? Then I could replace the file and see what happens.

    Seems to me that this could work unless there's something I don't know yet. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    enohand Guest
    since flower is a psn game, wouldnt it be signed? same way as me uplading PAIN & having you install it, it just won't work.

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    neophyte5001 Guest
    I installed debug over retail, but yes that file on MY install encrypted, but I wanted someone who had a working install of this game to check that file on their ps3 to see if it is just guard.txt. If it is, then they could upload it for me to try on my game (replace the b.s. file with the plain guard.txt file) This *may* get this particular game to work... never know until you try.

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