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    cgkgbg13 Guest

    Is it possible to put cfw on every PS3 phat?

    I want to buy a ps3 but i want to be sure it is possible to hafe cfw on it.

    Is all ps3 phat possible to downgrade/add cfw on? Or do I need to check wich firmware is on it now?

    Also, Is it possible to ad a larger harddrive easily? for instance 500gb?

    Thank you


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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    You can easily add and format any hard drive at 2.5 mm if you get a fatter one it wont fit too well in there. Its easier installing the hard drive before cfw. as for the any ps3 question, any phat or slim model that is at 3.55 or lower firmware can be jailbroken. If firmware is not on that or lower no it can not be done, (Without hardware flasher soldering etc)

    If you wish to purchase a ps3 that is capable of being jailbroken or one that already is I can sell you one I have different models available.

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    cgkgbg13 Guest
    Ok, thanks. But is it not possible to downgrade ps3 phat to 3.55 if the machine is on a higher firmware? I thought I read that you can downgrade as you can on the psp? Or perhaps I am wrong?

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    That's why I mentioned it can only be done with a (hardware flasher) which requires soldering and other stuff I dont really want to ever risk trying.

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    Here is a quick note you can't flash the new 3000 or 4000 slim models with a hardware flasher.

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    tjay Guest
    Hi guys, Hmmm i've got a Phat date code 8B on OFW 4.00 so does that mean I cant role back and get some custom firmware on it? Gutted if I can't. If the only way really is to go hardware flasher anyone got any recommendations?

    I used MinVerChk and got 2.16 coming up.

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