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Thread: Possible PS3 Overheat Problem help?

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    thinkbomb Guest

    Possible PS3 Overheat Problem help?


    - if I turn on my PS3, within 10 minutes the system will freeze for about 2 seconds, then abruptly turn itself off with a loud beep

    - The red power light will blink on and off until I tap the light again, at which point it returns to normal

    - The system is extremely hot on the right side bottom (looking at it from the front) after it beeps out.

    I performed a deep air-compressor clean, knocked out all the dust out of the system. Problem still persisted.

    Notes regarding possible solutions:

    - No, I do not want to buy a new system with 3 year warranty. This is a first gen 20GB model, I really don't want to lose the PS2 backwards compatabiltiy by purchasing a new system. They also didn't have the 3 year warranty when I bought the system (that I know of) so I'm SoL with that aspect.

    - I COULD ship it into Sony to have them repair, but that'll run me $130 minimum, plus I also (again) run the high risk that they'll replace my old model with a new model - which again makes me lose the PS2 backwards compatability.

    I would really prefer to either have suggestions on how I could fix/address this problem myself including: repair steps, possible 3rd party products to override the issue, etc.

    Any help would be more than greatly appreciated. thanks

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    do you see any flashing yellow light ??

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    Frago Guest
    make to your ps3 the fix for ylod and put new paste and if you like take my guide here:

    i think you can do the same on 20gb model and if this not work to you go and ask sony-i have a 20gb model and it wants replacment, if i bring it here and pay 130E you will give me tha same or a new slim one, and think what you will do.

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    nice guide

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    Frago Guest

    Red Face

    than it makes your ps3 to run very smooth.

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    joffe Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Frago View Post
    than it makes your ps3 to run very smooth.
    and makes it also very ugly

    A sudden beep then shutdown during heavy load very likely ends up in YLOD sooner or later. Cleaning up inside, use of arctic silver thermal paste and re-bending the CELL and RSX clamps is best advise to do to delay upcoming YLOD. If you nevertheless disassemble the PS3 you should consider heatgun treatment, and don't forget to use fluxer.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    If you send it to Sony you should get back the same model system a friend of mine has sent his back in like 2-3 times and always gets back a 60GB B/C system.

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    seem like to me you do have a ylod problem have your system been open before.

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