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    Possible to Obtain Debug Patches That Return 403: Access Denied?

    I had a look at this thread and I want a debug patch for the LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta.

    It seems to exist on the servers, but as to be expected, the connection was refused.

    Is there any alternate way of getting 403 restricted patches?

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    Sep 2010

    You`ve tried also the alternate Servers?? And make sure to just replace the

    <TITLEID> with you BLxxxx, also on the end it has to be -ver.xml

    Make sure thats 100% correct.

    If its not working gimme that BLXXXXX you search for and i will have a look at it.

    Greets Modmate

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    No, the URL is correct, otherwise I would've gotten a 404 - resource not found error. The game ID is NPAU-70117. The alternate servers either aren't online or aren't returning valid results (404). Thanks for the look.

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    Some games are limited by IP address / range (think htaccess allow / deny) - which I am sure will happen to just about every debug game patch now since this method has leaked out.

    Short of being in a whitelisted IP range - you are out of luck.

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