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    solidtudor Guest

    Possible to modify character models in PS3 games help?

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to create my own textures on characters in a game, for example GTA IV or something.

    Is it possible to find and edit such files on downloaded .iso games?

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    metzen Guest
    If you had the game on the hard drive you might be able to locate the location of the texture folder. I would start out with installing FileZilla and then FTP'ing into your system. Once you have done this then you would be able to download the texture from the folder and then modify. Give this a try. Thanks.

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    moja Guest
    It's worth a shot, just keep your original textures to put back in case you break the game.

    I've read that people usually use some sort of modeling software to extract/edit/recreate textures for games, which is beyond my efforts. Give it a shot, you might find something useful.

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    dyceast Guest
    Each game is different, there are texture programs out for Last of Us, but i've never bothered with texture edits, so kinda skipped pass those threads

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