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    engelpewpew Guest

    Cool Possible to load PS3 FW through PC help?

    i dont know if anyone has tried it or if there is a way to do it using ComandPrompt or a program. but is it possible to load a CFW onto a harddrive via pc thru SATA cable? or does is have to be married to the motherboard like some computers. thanks i hope to get something soon.

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    Ozz465 Guest
    prob , but the ps3 doesnt have the FW on the HD to run it , its on the NAND. aka the brain of the ps3.

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    engelpewpew Guest
    thanks well is there a way to downgrade 4.30 to 3.55 without a flasher? or any way to put the 3.55 c/oFW on the NAND?

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    Ozz465 Guest
    nope i think you need a flasher , if you ask me all worth it in the end.

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    ROOKI3 Guest
    like ozz said, it's worth it once you downgrade (you need a flasher)

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