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Thread: Is it possible to have dual NAND/flash internally for slim?

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    Kav91 Guest

    Question Is it possible to have dual NAND/flash internally for slim?

    Was just bored and thinking, Won't it be possible as a hardware mod, to have the ps3 redirect its nand/flash to another nand/flash of the same model/manufacturer or even take an existing one out from a broken ps3 or another ps3.

    That way although harder to mod, will be easier to have the option of switching between 3.41 and the latest firmware.

    I think it'll be better because that way, any extra checks sony does is just easily avoided, although I suppose they could get a log of the activity on your ps3.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    While technically this is not impossible I doubt anyone would attempt to even do that in normal home conditions. The risk of damaging your PS3 as well as additional set of NANDs is too hight for the eventual benefits. If you really want both JB PS3 as well as online just get some chepa second hand PS3 for JB and keep your main one updated / for online.

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    Kav91 Guest
    thx for the reply, guess that makes sense thought if it was possible I wouldn't mind doing it, since my soldering iron and I are quite cooperative lmao.

    Luckily enough for me in Australia, Slim PS3's are going on sale for 199AUD (bout 190USD ish) not sure which model, probably 120 or 160. Def going to be grabbing one.

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