there are many games which are not very big, but have thounsands of small files, and transfers both via ftp or via external hd copy to internal need more time to complete than transfering God of War Collection which is 30 Gb but only a very few files ( even after splitting )

So I would like to know if it is possible to compact the folders with many files to .psarc archives, maybe with a proper naming of the archive, so that i can transfer only a few bigger files, (if they are > 4 gb, i just split them with ps3split and then they will be joined on internal) then the game reads them as if they were the folders.

If this is not possible, would it be possible that I make archives maybe in .zip format (using the archive option so to have no compression), than openmanager transfers the whole archive, and eventually it extracts the folder and delete the zip already transfered? (this last one would be the opposite of copying splitted files from external to internal, where openmanager first copy the .6660X parts, then joins them and delete the parts from the internal)

Or maybe, openmanager could read directly the zip files, and mount a virtual folder where the file is, so the ps3 just accesses the folder normally.

Thanks for the answers.