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Thread: Is it possible to change the DVD Region

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    kazsud Guest

    Question Is it possible to change the DVD Region

    I bought a silver (jp) PS3 last week and was wondering if the DVD Region can be changed. I already know that the games are universal and that jp/us have the same Blu-ray code. I still have a DVD player and 360 but if i can use the upscaling on this it would be cool.

    I did a ton of searching and came up with nothing so any info would be appreciated.

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    ohadabr Guest
    No according to my knowledge it isn't possible to change the dvd region at the moment through software. But it might be possible to do this buy buying a new ps3 blu-ray drive and replacing it with the existing bluray drive. Its really not recommended but in the future if ps3 is hacked we could possibly change the region.

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    mmeikelinen Guest
    I have noticed that not all blu-ray movies have area code. I have PS3 bought from US but I can watch movies bought from Europe... not all though

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    anaria Guest
    I guess there's actually two other solutions without modding or soft hack:

    - 1st: RIP the DVD on an USB HDD with region free - this work fine for me
    - 2nd: use an external USB DVD or BR reader - I have none on hand...

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    kazsud Guest
    Will it still upscale?

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