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Thread: Possible to access corrupted PS3 hard drive somehow?

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    Kisai Guest

    Possible to access corrupted PS3 hard drive somehow?

    My PS3 is claiming the hard drive is corrupted, and threatening to format it. That is the absolute LAST thing I want to do. Is there any way I can fix this somehow? WITHOUT losing all my save data?

    If not, is it possible for me to access my hard drive otherwise? Like say from a PC? And back up certain files? Specifically save files and images?

    Or is it possible to access the hard drive and DELETE certain files? Because this all began with Home, and I bet some save data for that is corrupted. I'd hate to recreate my character, but if I must sacrifice one save file for the good of many, so be it.

    I have NO interest in remaking my level on LittleBigPlanet, unlocking all the characters and stages in Skullgirls again, or getting to level 50 in SCV again. I don't wanna lose the screenshots I took in MGO either.

    Whenever I turn the PS3 on, it claims the hard drive is corrupted, and says it'll restore it. A progress bar appears, and at 0%, the stupid system lazily gives up and goes, "Oh, well, we can't do it, we'll just delete everything." I've even tried booting up in Safe Mode and restoring the default settings, just in case there was something wrong with that. I had no problem losing my themes and pretty colors and PSN automatic log-in if the alternative is losing that anyway along with everything else. Trying to minimize the casualties here.

    So formatting is the absolute LAST thing I want to do. I want to do as much as I can to save all my stuff. Anyone know how I can fix this corrupted hard drive problem? Or access the hard drive to back-up delete specific stuff?

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    niwakun Guest
    unfortunately, we dont have any kind of recovery program for PS3 formatted HDD. That's why, regular backup is the best thing to do. And yes, once PS3 said you need to format it, then you have to do so.

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    Kisai Guest
    No, no, no, no. I will do whatever black magic or superstitious voodoo it takes to get around this. I desperately don't want to lose all the previously-mentioned data (including beating Disgaea 4 now that I think about it) just because I wanted to hang out on Home. There MUST be some way to subvert this, right?

    And by "regular backup", I assume you mean, "Back up every time you do so much as ANYTHING in a game." since you never know when this crappy thing will become corrupted. I'll have to get a 750 GB external hard drive to do any regular back-ups though...

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    There are a few PC applications to examine the PS3 HDD, however, they are intended for developers versus end users... below are the links to them but I wouldn't expect much help using them as they are basically above most people's heads:

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    Kisai Guest
    Ah, Only one hope, and it's very slim. ;_; I'm really gonna end up having to format this, aren't I? Lose everything? Damnit...

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    Meowman Guest
    Format, yes... you'll have to as each drive is assigned to it's host machine (basically). I have not used these utils myself mentioned above (at least to my recollection). But via PC, yes you can look at a PS3 drive. I've been able to (besides ps3's built in xfer app) recover files, plop em on an external and get them on the PS3's drive. I'ts been a long while since doing so and I'd love to list exactly how I did it but cannot recall exact steps. Also remember "save games", etc are often "locked" and cannot be dropped from host (ps3) to ext hdd/stick etc without some toying; and that is no gurantee.

    Have you made a "mirror image" of the drive after pulling it from the PS3 without attempting a recovery? As the Mod mentioned it's very slim that you'll be able to without some knowledge of the drive/file structure. I know this is very vague, and I wish *we* all had a clean & easy method... or I could help more.

    If I can think of any tips/ideas; I'll try a list it down. And YES that does SUCK....especially with playing a long RPG type and losing your saves...

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    Kisai Guest
    So it is kinda possible... Just very hard? ^_^;

    Thanks. I appreciate it. But for one, I don't really have any knowledge of the drive/file structure. In fact, I've never really done any hacking on my PS3 before. The most complicated thing I've done was get a new hard drive for it and replace it on my own. So I can remove the hard drive, but have no idea how to make a "mirror image" of it.

    In fact, I'm not even sure how to get it to be read, physically, by a PC. I was hoping there might be some way via PS3 to laptop ethernet cable, but it doesn't sound like that'll be possible. I assume I'd need some special PC hardware to pop the hard drive into?

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    killer124 Guest
    i would firstly plug it in a pc (normal sata connector btw) and let the manifacturerers diagnostics tool check the hdd... since it will kill the filesystem if you repair via it the only option is to grab a new pcb from for example... pretty unlikely it will work but not totally, since you wanna try any voodoo magic before saying goodbye to your data for reals heh

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    Kisai Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by KureKure View Post
    i would firstly plug it in a pc (normal sata connector btw)
    Okay, just to make sure... Would a USB to SATA connector work? Could I connect the hard drive to my laptop with something like this? 31b240ca4#ht_3056wt_1163

    Would I have to do that? I could just keep my laptop from trying to repair the hard drive. I don't need it to repair it anyway, I just wanna back-up tons of stuff. Or delete one small thing if possible.

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    Xyth Guest
    Why don't you try data recovery programs? Maybe they'll work.

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