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Thread: Possibility to recover original data due to bad flash?

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    stevie1512 Guest

    Possibility to recover original data due to bad flash?

    Hi there,

    I just bought a used ps3 40gb on ebay. It has fallen on the ground and therefore the usb where bent so that it wasn't possible to connect. I fixed that and on first power up the system was working.

    I was very happy and immediately put the disc of gt5 in the box. It was asking for a system update (1.9x to 2.x something) and I confirmed. This was my mistake. The system update always stopped on 56% with the failure code 8002F1C1.

    So I checked the net and found the hint, format the harddisk in a PC, in the hope that the ps3 trys to format in then.

    That hasn't worked, the system recognizes still the harddisk but as there is no data on it the system update shows no progress. A new harddisk also doesn't work, blank screen and the system is just turning off after a few sec.

    USB drive is recognized but its not trying to read anything from it.

    Is there any chance of fixing this with infectus chip ? Can I use the dump of another ps3 ? I believe there is no way of restoring the harddisk (filesystem etc) ?

    And another question would it be possible to exchange the blu-ray drive from one into another ?



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    Pocker09 Guest
    Well that depends, is your firmware is messed up your sol. but if its your data (ie: harddrive, usb) then you need to be more specific cause no one can help you if your not good at explain whats wrong.

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