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Thread: Posible to Convert an PSN game to a BD Game?

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    razor1993 Guest

    Posible to Convert an PSN game to a BD Game?

    Hi PS3 News! i wanted to know if it is possible to convert an PSN game to a BD Game to copy it to a USB Drive and play it on Multiman?

    I tried decrypting the game from PKG to a Folder but the structure of the PSN game was different than a normal PS3 BD Game, but i tried to copy it on my USB drive and play it on Multiman but multiman doesn't show the game

    So is there any way i can play an PSN Game that ist decrypted into a folder on Multiman as an BD Game? Thx for Answers!

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    just out of curiosity, is this for far cry 3?

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    Liongooder Guest
    I don't recommend that, cause you have to put the userdir inside a folder the you need to create,which is PS3GAME inside the game folder... and by the time you're doing that Far cry 3 will be out Dumptruck ,insomni... etc, i tried doing that a long time ago, and all i get in the xmb was corrupted disk, don't know maybe i did it wrong, maybe it has something to do with PARAM.SFO.

    sorry for the vague answer ,if it is vague.

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    vallejo18 Guest
    Yes you can, provided that you can crack a PSN eboot and the Self's. I converted my inFamous FOB into a Disc game via TrueAncestor Eboot Resigner. I decrypted the eboot, then resign as disc backup and changed the Param.sfo to DG Bluray Game instead of HG Hard disk game. I tried the same with Far cry, Resident evil move games, but so far only got inFamous to work

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    BluRay Guest
    I never got It to work, tried It before just to help somebody out but no luck. Wouldn't it be easier to just download the game and get it on your USB? If you bought the game that wouldn't really be piracy.

    vallejo18, you started your post filling me with hope and ended it by saying that this method only worked once for you, that was disapointing buddy

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    vallejo18 Guest
    Yea it was because I decrypted the eboot file. Otherwise it reads in a format of PSN : NPEBXXXX ---> PARAM.SFO -----> USRDIR ---> EBOOT.BIN

    Instead of NPEBXXXX -----> PS3_GAME ----> PARAM.SFO ------> USRDIR ------> EBOOT.BIN

    With Infamous, i decrypted the EBOOT.BIN and Resigned as DISC EBOOT instead of NPDRM ...Created Universal Disc Eboot... I don't own many PSN games and the ones I own are the only ones I've tested. Once i can find the NPDRM keys for above 4.21+ then anyone can do it. Its not hard at all.

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