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Thread: Please help with my AC3 PS3 game save?

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    StonyPotstation Guest

    Please help with my AC3 PS3 game save?

    Hello I have a problem with ac3. I done a clean of the hard drive on my ps3. I saved my game save file first on my portable hdd and copied it back to the ps3 after i wiped the hdd. When I try to play ac3 i get the message invalid file only owner can use it or something like that.

    I've looked for hours on the net to try fix my game save, i tried game resigner and param edit program's but I just can't get it to work it says the data is corrupted can someone please help I'm over half way through the game I've spent 25 hrs playing it I don't want to start all over

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    JeoWay Guest
    It seems as if the save file you have isn't encrypted/signed properly. This can be done with my save resigner tutorial.

    The tutorial is over in the how to and guides section called the Ultimate PS3 Save Resigning Guide. It will show you how to sign the file and how to get the file id.

    If you sign it properly and it still doesn't work, I highly recommend making sure your using the same account. Otherwise you may need to change the account id inside the PARAM to ensure that its tied to YOUR account.

    Basically, grab a PARAM from another game using the same account and open it in the save resigner and save as Profile X (X corresponding to the number slot you want to use)

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