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Thread: please help me there are simple questions guys?

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    cossworth Guest

    please help me there are simple questions guys?

    hi, i have my ps3 jailbreaked with a pcb board i made with a pic chip i programmed with my willem. I have put the installer on and i managed to get the manager on aswell then i installed this ftp program. But stupidly i think i have deleted some stuff out of my game folder on my hard drive or my laun1234 folder and now when i look at the ftp program on my ps3 it has a black silverish folder instead of the real icon.

    It is the same as this with the manager as well now and some of my save folders can anyone tell me how to fix this please as i don't know what to do.

    Can i uninstall the ftp program and install it again and the same with the manager program and if not what would happen if i formatted my hard drive its only my 40gb internal one but if i did so would it ask for a me to put a update in or does it just do that with new drives. And if i have to put a update in can i just put the 3.41 in or would it have to be higher more newer one.

    Also a thing i'm not sure about when i try games is i know i haven't to update the firmware as i click on cancel for that but what do i do when it says it has newer software version like 1.01 for the game am i meant to install this and if so how high can i go.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Yes - you can uninstall any program including backup managers or ftp and install it again. Please note that some backup managers keep backups under their install folder so by removing it you'll delete all the backed games as well.

    Yes - you can reformat the entire hard drive and yes you'd need to have the (3.41) firmware ready on USB stick and it will accept it so no need to install higher / latest FW.

    Indeed - do NOT install any FW updates from the game disks - you can as a precaution even delete the UPDATE folder and / or UPDATE.PUP file from you backed games.

    And yes - you can install any game updates - but it not always works as smoothly so have a look around our forums and have a bit of read what eventual issues you might be facing as well as possibility of being spotted by Sony using JB-en PS3.

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