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    Registered User Cmarr's Avatar
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    [Answered] Is Playstation Store always so slow?

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    I finally found a PS3 today, and I'm trying to download some demos to preview some of the games, but its so damn slow. I've been trying to download the Motorstorm demo for almost 2 hours and its only at 50%. Is it always this slow? 360 Marketplace is kind of slow sometimes, but way more faster than this.
    Best Answer - Posted by yman182:

    yeah mine is always slow too... hopefully they will fix it soon and enable background downloading

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    yeah mine is always slow too... hopefully they will fix it soon and enable background downloading

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    now now boys and girls (if any own a ps3) the best bet is to surf the ps store at night

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    Quote Originally Posted by yman182 View Post
    yeah mine is always slow to....hopefully they will fix it soon and enable background downloading
    I'm hoping for background downloading too...It's handy on the 360. I might be mistaken but background downloading was not originally on the 360 until the feature was added via the download of the new firmware. It was either that or something to do with setting up multiple downloads on a queue.

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    360 used to download the same way as this until they fixed it by adding the background downloading and download queue.

    I think its ridiculous it has be this slow, since fewer than 500,000 have the console, and I doubt that everyone who does have it is downloading something all at the same time.

    I finally downloaded that Motorstorm demo after 4 hours, but it was only 1 level, and I want to download another demo, but I don't want to wait so damn long. I wish I could download demos onto my computer can transfer them to PS3, but of course that will never happen.

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    Mine is never as slow as yours is Cmarr, but it is pretty slow nonetheless. It took me about an hour to download Motorstorm and it's gonna take me about the same to download the new Genji demo today.

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    Hell I download everything pretty fast off their servers. I downloaded the NBA 2007 demo within 40 mins. I think the downloads are fast for me.

    More than likely its everyones router settings. One thing I recommend is to set your PS3 as a DMZ host on the router, all this does is open all ports to that certain IP address. Thus far I have no problems with their service, besides the 1 download at a time and that I can't play games during that time.

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    Yesterday is it was way faster than it was the day before, I was able to download every demo, in a pretty reasonable amount of time. Still, it should be much faster. I can download stuff on my computer 10x+ faster than PS3.

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    the 360 was a lot slower at first also, these sort of things should be sorted out over time.

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    always seems slower on update days, probably due to the amount of users in the store at the same time...


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