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Thread: Playstation move works on 3.41?

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    kamenrider Guest

    Playstation move works on 3.41?

    has anyone been the playstation move on jailbroken ps3 3.41 firmware?

    if it forces an update then i can forget it.


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    ndsilcock Guest
    Yes the Playstation Move works with 3.41. No forced update. Gladiator duel is awesome!

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    kamenrider Guest
    thanks. i'm going to amazon now.

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    smerf1 Guest
    Yes it works, but there are only a selected few games that work with Jailbroken PS3's.

    They are: Sports Champions, Kung Fu Riders and Start The Party.

    Heavy Rain update doesn't work, Eyepet update doesn't work and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition update doesn't work.
    We can only hope that the issues will be sorted soon.

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    tnx Guest
    Yes it works... been winning everybody at tennis,badmington,table tennis and that throwing the little balls game.

    But my arm was well aching after playing archery for a while...

    PGA Tour 11 is very tricky with move controllers though.

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