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    LCPDUNIT Guest

    playstation home

    guess what people i just found out the realese date for playstation home. the full version comes out april 28 now i dont know when the open beta version comes out though

  2. #2
    sumdude4 Guest
    Awesome, can't wait till it comes out

  3. #3
    dwashere Guest
    you mean april 2009 right? what's the purpose of this Home actually? some kind of online forum?

  4. #4
    SniperWolf X360 Guest
    can someone give a solid release date?

  5. #5
    DrAmir Guest
    to be released with firmware 2.50

  6. #6
    AJRogers Guest
    I'm reading it will be late next month when the firmware upgrade and Home is released together. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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