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Thread: playstation 3 store not available in my country help?

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    almlk1996 Guest

    Question playstation 3 store not available in my country help?

    i bypassed my ps3 3.55 and now i can play online , but the PlayStation network store is telling that it's not available in my country , and i need add-ons and stuff what can i do ??

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    severusx Guest
    I think that is based on the source IP address of your connection, so unless you can tunnel your connection to country that PSN works in, I don't think you can do much. What sort of "Add-Ons" are you looking for?

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    almlk1996 Guest
    i want to find the ps2 emu see if its work , and if there is an add-ons for :

    naruto Ultimate ninja storm 2
    naruto ninja storm 1
    assassin's creed 2
    assassin's creed brotherhood
    god of war 3
    god of war 1&2
    black ops

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    anulu82 Guest
    sadly you have to create another account and choose a country where PS Store is available (US, UK, ...). log in with that account and it will work. ofc you'll not have your saved games / trophies.

    if you download an expansion, it will available on every account on your console.

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    almlk1996 Guest
    ok i will try to create another account, thank you.

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