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    aldostools Guest

    Big Grin Playing Warhawk with other PS3 accounts

    I bought the Warhawk from Hong Kong PSN store some time ago. It allowed me to play it only with my HK account. I always received a copyright error when tried to play it with my USA account.

    However, today I discovered that Warhawk plays in my other accounts (EUR, USA, etc) too. Is this a side effect of updating to fw2.40 or was this already fixed in 1.31 or before?

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    OnlineFire Guest
    No this is not a side effect i am a warhawk fan and play it always i downloaded it of my friends account recently.It is playable of any account and u can share it 5 times now (includes you) now.This at first wasn't possible but with a new update it is.. so enjoy.

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    Rami2007 Guest
    I think this started with FW 2.40
    I remmember some people managed to play their downloaded games via different users

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