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Thread: Playing PS3 video files help?

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    Deeluxe Guest

    Playing PS3 video files help?

    IM with the latest multiman and in the info there is written to put the vide o files in /ps3_home/video, but i can't find the directory any ideas what shouldi do ?

    PS: the ps3 can play .avi and .mkv files right and if yes how ? While using multiman i see the ps3_home , but in the mean time while im conncted with my pc ,the ftp program doesn't show it.

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    You can't play .MKV files on the PS3. Period. You should use mkv2vob to mux them to play on the PS3 without quality loss. You can transfer files larger than 4 GB to dev_hdd0/Video I think. Make an empty folder matching the other file names and then copy those two small files from another video's folder.

    Now transfer your video into your newly created folder. Now you should have the video on your PS3. To get the custom icon, while the video is playing press 'Triangle' and choose new icon. Hope this helps.

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