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    wlcina Guest

    Playing PS3 from NAS (external LAN attached HDD)?


    Is possible to play JB game from external HDD attached to network ? I have 1GB network at home, my external NAS speed is about 70MB/sec (which is about 3 times faster than USB hdd). Is possible to use NAS to store JB games ?

    (NAS - Network Attached Storage = a disk which is connected directly to network, for example Synology 209 (use google))

    there are multiple advantages of using NAS:

    a) speed - the speed is minimum 3 times faster than USB2.0 harddrive (my standard speed is about 70MB/sec)
    b) max file size - the connecting to NAS you dont need to solve the 4GB file problem, the NAS system is taking care over it, you can just the backup your game, no more space error
    c) capacity - the NAS can have capacity over 512GB which is FAT32 limit, you dont care about to have 4TB storage for your PS3 (movies/pictures/music/games and other stuff? , wait ? what other stuff ? )
    d) sharing - do you have 2 PS3's at home, NAS dont care, connect multiple PS3 to your storage
    e) NAS is not USB - you dont need to remove anything from your PS3 before JB. Just turn it on and activate JB, then run the Backup Manager with NAS support (which is my dream yet)

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    msr Guest
    Is the ps3 network port 100mbs or 1000mbs?

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    wlcina Guest
    1GBit of course

    Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    At the moment - NO. I'd like to see this feature as well - NAS / iSCSI / SAMBA or ony other kind of network drive / volume / folder support - but it would require much more coding and hacking than simple redirecting of BD to USB drive. There a small chance though it could be done some easier way taking in consideration the PS3 already supports network media servers but it's still a bit differnce between more or less linear streaming of AV files from those and random read access to multiply files as needed by games.

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