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Thread: Playing PS3 games from network or USB help?

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    R33LH33T Guest

    Question Playing PS3 games from network or USB help?

    Hello all,

    So where do I find these tutorials for newbies like myself? I want to play my games off of a USB or network share since I have a 16 month old who likes to play with round, shiny discs. It seems God blessed me with someone who sold a 120GB Slim PS3 with two wireless controllers, five games and two BD movies for $100!

    He claims he opened it to "fix something" but didn't say what. To play a BD I needed to do an update and I needed one originally for COD Black Ops too. I think the console was on a 3.xx something before but I updated it now to 4.20 to play the BD.

    I ran the MinVerChk and it says 2.70 but I wonder if there's a way to find out if a chip was installed in mine without opening it? I read about the chip on eHow and I was looking for a tutorial about what CFW means (maybe custom firmware?) and whatnot. I want to play backup games, if possible over my network but USB could be a viable option, play 3D content (a must) and why is there no Pandora option like the Sony SMP-N200?

    We love the media player, easy to use and has 3D which is rare for a network media player with tons of options and playback formats but the PS3 lacks a Pandora app and the browser sucks because they won't upgrade the flash version.

    So what do you guys think?

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    dyceast Guest
    If it was a e3 chip you could tell because it would be poking out under the blueray drive , but I doubt there is a chip... Sad to say, but you updating the firmware to 4.20 has taken away your chance to play from a HDD/USB. You have to downagrade to atleast 3.55. But to do this, you need a chip (E3 flasher or progskeet)

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    elser1 Guest
    i'd just suggest send it to racer to do a download if you live in usa. but don't upgrade once you do. thats the only way to get cfw atm on 341 or 355 after you upgraded to 420.

    also many new games won't work on 3.55cfw without a dongle, with a young child in your house i'm sorry for you as discs seem to attract them. LOL

    good luck on whatever you do and welcome to ps3 news.. enjoy your gaming!

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    jackkiej Guest
    you can use e3 flasher or progskeet for the downgrading (if you don't want to solder choose e3) but you need to open your ps3 anyway for this, and you can play newer games (not all) with dongle.

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