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Thread: Playing PS3 games on Ext HDD help?

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    pethienthan Guest

    Question Playing PS3 games on Ext HDD help?

    I have one PS3 and an EXT HDD but i don't want to go to buy some B-ray Games for PS3. I know PS3 can play games on Ext HDD, but i cannot find anythings a bout this. I need you guys help me to show me do step by step.

    How to copy games PS3 from PC to Ext HDD? How to play them on PS3?

    I really need you guys help

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    Zentsuken Guest
    Wait wait, let's do this in steps. So your jailbroken?

    You need to rip YOUR own games to your PS3 with something like multiMAN. Also most games require you to have a PS3 blu-ray (doesn't matter which game) inside the PS3 in order to play games from HDD. It's as simple as that. Now newer PS3 games cannot be played since they require a higher firmware (3.6x+) some games can't still be managed to work with a little tinkering with the EBOOT file. But there are only a FEW exceptions to this, most won't work.

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    racer0018 Guest
    First we need to know what firmware is on your ps3.

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    pethienthan Guest
    I didn't jailbreak it yet... because i don't know how... and what i mean that is i download game ps3 on internet, and what should i use to transfer that game to Ext HDD from PC, and what should i need to do next on ps3 to play that game?

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    Zentsuken Guest
    Well step by step, What's your firmware? 3.55 is the latest firmware that can be jailbroken though.

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    pethienthan Guest
    I think that would be 3.7 T_T, just buy new one at best buy store , So we cannot transfer games what download on internet to EXT HDD to play on PS3? And PS3 can play Every EXT HDD or just some Kind of this or only EXT HDD PS3?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Ok we need to know for sure what the firmware is on your ps3. Check and post back why you have found.

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    Foo Guest
    I'm going to put it out for you.
    If you are on 3.55 then we can help you.
    If you are on 3.72, there's absolutely nothing you can do.

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    pethienthan Guest
    Is that called system version? If that then it said 3.65

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    Hipmans Guest
    As already said by Zentsuken and Foo above, it is not possible to JB that firmware.

    So you can't do the things you want matey aarrrr

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