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    i search on google i saw one JB 3.65 is that true?

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    Dec 2010
    No, the latest CFW is 3.55.

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    so i cannot use EXT HDD to play games what i download on internet and transfer it already even?

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    There is a way that you can jailbreak your system but you have to open it and then downgrade it. The highest firmware that can be jailbroken is 3.55. But check into e3, Infectus, Progsheet are many that you can use. However most of them you have solder. If not there is a mod in the for sale area offering downgrade for a cost. Thanks

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    So exactly that i cannot play PS3 Games ISO what i download and transfer to my EXT HDD? without jailbreak that i cannot play game on EXT HDD even i transfer?

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    Yes, without hacking your PS3 you can't play games of your External HDD. You will need to downgrade first.

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    i watch some clip and picture about downgrade and i think that would be hard cause they take off all of PS3 and redo something... i don't want to damage my PS3.

    That PS3 i bought in US so that's mean i cannot play a copy DVD what i download and burn?

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    DVDs should play fine, but the PS3 is region locked for movies, and it won't convert the frame rate for you for PAL on an NTSC machine. Try for converter programs - maybe try encoding the movie in a compatible container (MP4) and just watch it that way.

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