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Thread: Playing ps3 backups?

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    enkrypt3d Guest

    Playing ps3 backups?

    I know there has been some progress on this subject but I have not seen any threads on it... As far as playing backups...... has it been done? I know the game's file system has just recently been ripped / decrypted so I'm wondering what the latest info is? Thanks guys

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    The latest info is in our "PlayStation 3 Development News" block in the right margin of the main page. There hasn't been any news the last few weeks, it only gets updated when the resident PS3 Devs make progress worth mentioning basically.

    When what you're asking is possible, this STICKY thread will also be updated:

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    enkrypt3d Guest
    Thanks! Be sure to post a link in this thread if there are any updates so I'll get an email :P I've been waiting for the ps3 to "catch up" to the xbox360 as far as mod's you can do....

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