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    Question [UnAnswered] Playing KVCD on PS3

    Does anyone know if its possible to play a KVCD on a PS3?

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    Apr 2007
    Best thing to do it try it - Ive only got divx and HD mp4s (mp4s work with when encoded corrently).

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    You mean Karaoke VCD?

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    K Video Compression Dynamics - KVCD is a modification to the standard MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 GOP structure and Quantization Matrix. It enables you to create over 120 minutes of near DVD quality video, depending on your material, on a single 80 minute CD-R/CD-RW.

    I've already burned a few KVCDs at different speeds but they always show up as Data CDs. What I meant to ask was if there is any way around that?

    Does anybody have any idea of what I'm trying to do or has gotten it to work?
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