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Thread: Playing games on PS3 v4.25 help?

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    scodan92 Guest

    Wink Playing games on PS3 v4.25 help?


    I currently own a PS3 slim 500GB with 4.25 version. I've been looking at the net for such cracks which allow me to play downloaded games on PS3's hard disk. I am not sure where can i look for in the forum? Does a firmware which allow me to do that exist right now? Someone please advise me! If there is, how can i go about installing the firmware onto my PS3? Is it safe? What is the proper procedure. Many thanks!!!

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    Liongooder Guest
    Sorry buddy, you can't install the CFW (Custom Firmware) on your current PS3, it can't be downgraded too, because its Super slim with OFW v4.25, you can only sell it & buy a downgradable PS3.

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    I am going to mark this as answered, but for future reference Liongooder we don't allow marketing or promoting commercial products (especially those from Paul Owen and Max Louarn) in our boards except for in their single, ongoing thread to keep their for-profit PS3 scene approach to a minimum on our boards.

    The last thing we intend to do is give them free advertising here, so let them stay in bed with Gary Wayne Bowser (aka GaryOPA).

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