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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] Playing DVD-Video Files

    I have a ton of unburned but ripped DVD Video's on my computer. I would like to play them through the PS3 without having to waste DVD's. Is this possible? p.s. I am talking about .vob files in video_ts folders.

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    Yes it Is, Just run it through the same process of doing a bluray movie here.

    Just remember to run the movie through say Dvdshrink and rip out the audio tracks that you dont want. Keep it under 4gb and your in good shape.

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    how about an output with embedded subtitles using?

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    Now the subs is a tricky part. Your going to have to run it through some dvd converter to burn the subtitles in. I have tried a few ways to get subs to stick when running through VLC but they never do. You can force them but they just wont show up.

    But if you do have Linux on your ps3 you could just save the dvd on that side and watch it in VLC or any other media player.

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