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    Cevapi Guest

    Playing different region games?

    Now that more and more people are playing on PSN with their jailbroken consoles, I was wondering if it is allowed to play a game from a different region. For example playing a EUR game in US, or vice versa. Can you get into trouble for that? - I know that the console is region free, butt I'm still curious.


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    barrybarryk Guest
    no games are region free, but playing games from your own region will ensure complete compatibility (online features, correct languages etc) how exactly do you intend on getting into trouble for it? the games are region free on purpose not some ridiculous mistake.

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    flashpc Guest
    PSN is region specific and so if you download dlc for a specific game it assign the game data folder on your hard drive accordingly. For example you have a EU version of AC2 and you download an extra level from your US PSN account, it will download but you cannot access it from the game because the data is in the wrong folder.

    So I don't know if you can access the hard drive from ftp server and then rename the folder to the correct disc code. But as for the games themselves the console and games are region free the only things which are region specific are bluray movies and PSN addons.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    yeah that's more an issue with downloading patches for games with a different TitleID, its the same with updates etc.

    just moving their folders and the files wont normally work as most will contain modified (updated) eboots and other executables and just overwriting a US version executable with an EU one or vice versa is just asking for trouble as the file references in each file may need to be changed but if you're going to all that trouble instead of playing the game from the appropriate region, well thats just plain foolish.

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