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Thread: Playing CoD 4 with Keyboard and Mouse?

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    Candyman1985 Guest

    Playing CoD 4 with Keyboard and Mouse?


    is it possible to play the PS3-Version of Call of Duty 4 with Mouse and Keyboard or only with the Controller?


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    rsftl Guest


    UT3 is the only game i know of atm that has keyboard and mouse support. although you can always try out the fragex controller. i believe the #1 guy on cod4 online for the ps3 version right now, is using a fragex controller and he works for the company....there are vids on youtube about it if you wanna check it out.

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    Candyman1985 Guest
    its the first time i heard about this controller, but i'll watch some vids on youtube...

    i hope ur wrong and cod4 supports also keyboard and mouse^^

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    Valr Guest
    Where is more information about this controller? I've never heard of it, and there's nothing on google about it.

    Edit: Anyway, controller's called FragFX and not FragEX. No wonder I wasn't getting any hits on google.

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    Candyman1985 Guest
    In EU-Stores, exactly in german stores, i cant buy the wireless type of the fragfx... but im not sure, how good the fragfx is...

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