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Thread: playing call of juarez PS3 backup help?

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    JimmyPhantom Guest

    playing call of juarez PS3 backup help?

    Ok so i downloaded Call of juarez (because i already own it). I copied the files onto the GAMEZ folder on an external hdd. I was able to see it GAIA manager. I had madden 09 in the drive. I clicked load. it took me to the XMB. I saw the disc that was loaded said call of juarez so i clicked it.. the screen went black for about 15 seconds then it takes me back to the XMB.

    It won't let me play it. Any help? (this is my first time trying to play a downloaded game and I have had success playing games that i have backed up myself.) Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    jamdobbs Guest
    if you own the game back it up from disc but i do now you need game update v1.01 to play this game just try at first to install game update from disc then try to launch back up. hope this helps..

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    JimmyPhantom Guest
    I was trying to see if I can do it without the disc.

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    jamdobbs Guest
    search for the call of jurauz bound in blood v1.01 update.

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    JimmyPhantom Guest
    what type of file would it be?

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    jamdobbs Guest
    sorry for delay in answering, it wants to be a pkg file and you load it from xmb like you would a backup manager when searching for files just put pkg at the end.

    have you got this working yet? if so post answered on board.

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    supersnout Guest
    but what package file are you referring to?

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