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    nhikz009 Guest

    Planning to upgrade my PS3 3.55 help?

    Hi there. i been outdated on the scene for months i have a question so i can verify it with the pro..

    1. how will i know if my ps3 slim is a cex or dex? its a CECH-2501B. (im really a noob)

    2. im on 3.55 kmeaw. can i directly install Rogero CFW 4.30 Rogero (v2.03) on it?

    3. if yes what files should i install? i have here (Rogero CEX 4.30 v2.03, toggle_qa, Condor Updater, multiMAN v04.20.00. Do all this files what i need to upgrade to a new CFW?

    please can you teach me step by step and what file will i need to do it so, i read a lot of guides but i want to double check first.. thanks

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    BlurZz Guest
    It is recommended to update from official firmware so you know... Go to Official Firmware than just install in normally from there (XMB UPDATE)

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    nhikz009 Guest
    what official firmware should i install bro? 3.55 OFW?

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    BlurZz Guest
    Yes sorry my bad! Should have been specific! (Tired!)

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