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Thread: PL3 +PSN not working for me help?

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    skiiermike Guest

    PL3 +PSN not working for me help?


    I currently have a ipod video 5th gen running Rockbox. Up until now I have been using all of the hermes payloads which have worked perfectly. With the new addition of PSN to the PL3 payload, I have tried to use it with no success. All I get is the unknown usb error.

    Is there anything I should be doing differently to get this working?

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    Maniakc Guest
    A few people needed to hit power and eject while the rockbox loading screen is still showing on rockbox. I'm using rockbox on my sansa e260, and I never did it like that, but I read that a few people got it to work like that.

    I frequently get that "unknown usb error" but even though it shows that, it still works fine. Dunno, maybe it's worth a shot to try while rockbox is still loading.

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    skiiermike Guest

    I tried your suggestion and it does work to a point. I still get the usb error however it will allow me to connect to psn. The new problem is that I cant view any of my games in Open Manager. Should I be using something else?

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    Maniakc Guest
    If you were using a different payload than pl3 before and it worked, it might just be that you need to upgrade open manager, older versions aren't compatible with pl3.

    I attached the newest version (1.17.2)

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