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    vysethestampede Guest

    PIC18F2455 USB SPI JTAG problems?

    Hi Ive been using my droid to jailbreak my ps3, but I just got a PIC 18F2455 USB SPI JTAG Utility Bundle from diygadget.com as a dedicated device to do it, but i cant figure out how to properly install the hex(using PSGrooPIC-iLLNESS-1.0a-3.41_18Fxxxx-LEDB145C0-C1-BTLDR.zip). When I use WinPic800 and try to read or write to it, it says "Failed to open Ind. #0".

    is this the right hex/software to use?

    also im not sure how or if there is a way to switch from update(bootloader) mode(I assume it someting to do with the jumper on the device, but I cant find any documentation on what the positions are).

    sorry for being a noob but can anybody help me out here?

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    oust62139 Guest
    Ok, first off, you do have the correct PIC and the correct hex, but you have the wrong programming software. You should download the Microchip USB package as, imo, it's the easiest and most simple program for these chips. I have attached it to this post.

    After installing the Microchip USB package, you need to make sure the chip is in bootloader mode before plugging it into your computer's usb port. Holding the board with the PIC chip going left to right with the USB port facing away from you, move the jumper so it's in on the left/middle prongs. Then connect the usb to your computer.

    It should ask you to install drivers which are located in your MicroChip USB package installation folder. After installing the drivers, unplug the USB cable, and re-plug it in, then you are ready to program the chip.

    Run the PICDEM FS USB Demo Tool from your start menu(should be in the Microchip/MCHPFSUSB v1.3 folder). Select the only option in the drop down menu and click Load HEX button. Find the hex file you want to program the chip with. Next, click Program Device. If an error message pops up about the config not matching, just click cancel. The program will continue to program the PIC. After it's done, it should not say any error messages.

    Unplug the usb from your computer and move the jumper to the middle/right prongs to change the board out of Bootloader mode into normal mode.

    Then proceed to jailbreak your PS3. Let me know if this helps.

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    vysethestampede Guest
    Thanks, got it working. but when i load the hex it says configuartion data is diffrent from the boards default and could cause the bootload interface to stop working,then asks if i want to use the settings from the hex or default, I chose the hex. Then when I hit program device it says Programing Flash Completed, Programing Config data... then gives a error saying USB Read Failed. Failed with error 997: Overlapped I/O operation is in progress. It does work but all those errors scare me, is this normal?

    also do you know if playing without a disc is supported with this setup, or what backup manager i might need to get that going?

    Thanks again for the help!

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    oust62139 Guest
    When you load the hex file and get that "configuration data is different from the boards default" message, just click cancel. The program will continue to program the chip.

    The discless method is very limited to the games that will play without a disc in the drive, but that hex you mentioned does support it.

    As far as a backup manager, I, personally, prefer the Gaia Manager. You can download the latest version of it in the post -


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    tableturner Guest
    great job oust for being super helpful; patient and thoroughly informative. +rep

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    vysethestampede Guest
    Thanks again oust62139, you've been a big help!

    I got it working without a disc too, I just didnt know you had to launch it from apphome/ps3game.

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