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    tjay Guest

    Thumbs Up Phat PS3 Date Code 8B OFW 4.00 with Min 2.16 Downgrade help?

    Hi Guys,

    New to this I would say but read so much on this forum now and watched so many videos my head hurts and need to find some direction if someone with experience could send me in the right one please?

    The stats: Phat PS3 Date Code 8B OFW 4.00 with Min 2.16 Downgrade. So I think its a case of can't roll it back unless I use a hardware mod? I've watched a video from about a year ago for the E3 flasher which was about 60 minutes long taking it apart etc which I would have no problem doing.

    Is there other alternatives for this type of PS3 other than the E3 (think i've seen one called Teeny?) which would allow to put the firmware back and if so from experiences which have people found the most easy to use and reliable?

    If it is extremely complex (though ive never been afraid of getting hands dirty with hardware and would prefer to do own) are there any UK users/services recommended who offer flashing which might be useful for others as well?

    There is quite a bit of confusion when looking for a knowledgable nailed on answer for the various models/versions of PS3s. I thought that a useful piece could be a simple flowchart of YES/NO's based on answers to commons questions could work perfectly for the same type of regular questions the forum probably gets. I would love to do it but I dont have the knowledge to But thought it might be worth a shout as a suggestion.

    Thanks in advance!

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    BluRay Guest
    Sadly, the only way is flasher. At least where I live, people who offered those downgrade services actually charge you the price of the flashers themselves so I didn't think it was worth It. I'd recomend either E3 Flasher or Progskeet, just make sure that If you don't have soldering skills, use the clip version. Keep in mind you most likely won't be able to remove It without breaking It, unlike the solder version, where you can desolder.

    Btw, whats your PS3 CECH number? Look at the sticker in the back. There are flashers that won't work with NAND.

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    ROOKI3 Guest
    downgrading isn't hard if you find the right vids and supplies.. i did my own plus some others.. i would talk to racer if you need someone to downgrade your fat ps3

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