I make some tests last night with the Petitboot Bootloader (OS Selector) For PS3. (because i dont waiting with my arms closed) I read the boot-game-os in linux (is a simple .sh file), and this file run another file, find-another-os (or somenthing like that) The function of this file is to analisys the hd's and found one particular partition type (14). In my ps3, this hd is sdb. And it has 4MB partition (sdb1).

When it found this hd, it modifys a flag on hd (1 or 2), like that:
1 = boot linux
2 = boot-game-os

If we delete the content of this hd (sdb1) and type a "reboot" the "otheros" option is avaiable on the ps3-default-system, but nothing happens. Currently, i am trying do put codes or other files in this partition (sdb1) to see any different result. Anyone here saw this?

Sorry my poor english and if this topic isn't help.