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Thread: PES2011 unofficial patch files (options and edits) help?

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    memtest Guest

    PES2011 unofficial patch files (options and edits) help?


    I don't want to spend time to copy 1000+ files manually, so I tried via comgenie awesome filemanager but it doesn't seem to work. I copied the folders (like BLES01022ELCEMBLEM01) in /home/.../000001/savedata/ but when I go back to XMB under game savefiles I don't see them and the game doesn't use them.

    Does someone knows how to do it?


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    conorg Guest
    OK, I have just managed to get PES2011 patched. I really didn't want to do it the slow way, so I tried FTPing to various locations, editing files with PARAM edit to make them compatible with my account etc. But eventually I gave up and did the manual copy. Took about 40 minutes, but it seemed longer! But my advice would be to just persevere, it's worth it!

    Also worth mentioning that even the manual copy wouldn't work until I was able to get connected to PSN and update the game to the latest version. So get the update while PSN is still accessible!

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