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Thread: PC/PS3 Remote Play Game Issues help?

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    maxrevolver Guest

    PC/PS3 Remote Play Game Issues help?

    The remote play is fine, however no games can start, nor other things. The PS3 Dev Wiki says to replace 2 files in the PS3 (premo_game_plugin.sprx/premo_plugin.sprx)

    However, which patch files do you use (3.55/REX 4.46), if the PS3 is neither (Rogero 4.46 is the PS3's firmware)?

    When copying the 3.55 files to the PS3 through USB and multiMAN, the PS3 freezes.

    If the patch doesn't work on firmwares other than the ones said on the site, and you have to change the game IDs, how would you go about doing so when there are only 6 IDs to use?

    Could you just change multiMAN's ID and load games without needing to change them?

    Also, do you have to rename the folder (probably not, but it's good to ask anyway, right?), or do you just change the ID using a param editor?

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

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    hashim97 Guest
    I have exactly the questions you asked and did the same search you did... I think we have to use dev_blind instead of dev_flash.

    I will try to change multiman id and see if it works. I didn't try it in the multiman because If anything goes wrong I don't want to reinstall it. But I tried it with the showtime and it worked

    No need for any patches. Just edit param sfo with sfo editor and the folder name. Then go to the recovery mode and rebuild the database. Then everything will be ok

    But if you edit the multiman id, it will affect the next mm updates, also same thing with games you will have to change update id and game id Any solution for this?

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    ripplar Guest
    Wondering if you resign the files to match your firmware version will help.

    Is it possible that the files are the same for all firmwares.

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    windrider42 Guest
    If your on Rogero 4.46, you will have to use psvita and CFW for remote play..

    I don't think there is any other option, unless you want to change CFW.

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