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Thread: Patching Games Through Multiman help?

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    Cypsteel Guest

    Patching Games Through Multiman help?

    I have searched and can't seem to come up with how to use game "patches" or "fixes". I have Monopoly streets that came with a PTK_MS_FIX.pkg fix file that I am supposed to use to patch the game. How do I do that with Mulitman? I do the R1 button and it just comes back to the manager....

    I also tried to install the package via the package manager, but I don't think thats correct...

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    barrybarryk Guest
    you just install it from the xmb, as with EVERY .pkg file, its a game update and has nothing to do with any loader.

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    roygaard Guest
    You only have to copy these PKG-files to an USB-stick (on your PC). Now you can install these Packages from your USB-stick using the PS3's XMB-Menu. Just go to the section "GAMES", click on "Install Packages" (or so), mark your package and click "X" on your controller.

    barrybarryk : hmmm ... you've been a bit faster

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    southpawryder Guest
    i was also wondering myself but multiman becoming one heck of an manger kick butt.

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