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Thread: Patch Mode Error?

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    Gayle Guest

    Patch Mode Error?

    Trying to run patched mode, but keep getting 'Eboot.bin not found' error with every game (except game in blu ray drive) when i push x on them in the open manager after activating patch mode. I get this problem on hermes v2 and hermes v3 with open manager 1.13 and 1.16. All my games are on internal hdd. I'm using USBTinyMkII.

    I've seen these threads:

    but neither solves my problem.

    I've noticed that after i get this error, i become unable to access my GAMEZ folder via ftp until i restart the ps3.

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    Diverge Guest
    I've had this problem in patch mode with any game that I didn't rip myself from blu-ray.

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    Gayle Guest
    I'm getting this error even with games I rip myself. Is there a specific backup manager you are using to rip?

    I've managed to solve this problem. Deleting and reinstalling backup manager and open manager allowed me to use patch mode on games i ripped directly from bluray to ps3 from backup manager. Transferring backups to an external first and then copying them to internal through open manager fixed the problem for other games. The problem seems to be with games added via ftp.

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