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    Patch 3.41 in open manager explanation please?


    I just want to know what is L1 and L2 (patch and patch 3.41) what's that mean and when i have to use it ? Can i use booth at the same time ?


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    ok I don't use OM but i'm pretty sure they are unrelated. the patch mode is used for certain games that have weird behaviour when booted from a backup like SFIV not recognising controllers.

    The patch 3.41 mode is for certain games that are for firmware 3.42+ but haven't been encrypted with the new encryption keys instead the only check is in the games sfo file, using this patch changes the sfo in memory to look for 3.41 instead of higher firmwares which allows these games to run.

    PATCH 3.41 WILL NOT LET YOU PLAY ALL 3.50 GAMES only some and you can check the compatibility list for details.

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