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    JWWG Guest

    Unhappy Paranormal Zen Pinball help?

    I downloaded Paranormal Zen Pinball from PSN and installed from the Game menu on the XMB. Once 'successfully installed' It's nowhere to be seen. It's not listed in the folder of my other downloaded games

    When I looked under my saved data (top icon on the Game XMB selection) 'Paranormal' is listed.

    Has anyone else found they can't access this, or know how you're supposed to play it without it apparently being availible to play?!?

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    Ashura75013 Guest
    I thought it was a Zen Pinball table so you need Zen Pinball to play with it.

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    modmate Guest
    Get yourself the latest Debug Update for that game , install and play fine.

    Works for me.


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