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    boxbundy Guest

    Param.sfo editor question help?

    Hi. I'm wondering if anyone else has been getting these malware detects recently. I've used the editor for a while without issues until recently. Kaspersky doesn't like it. I added it to my exclusions but on a full scan it detects it and wants to clean and clear it again.

    I'm using win8 and it shows the directory as being c:documents&settings which I think is the wrong directory anyway (I'm on win8.1). Whilst doing a full scan it crashed saying something about ole.dll and then shutdown and restarted. It was too quick to read. What do you guys reckon. Maybe Aldo can elighten me?

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    Apr 2005
    I know aldostools covered this before, basically I believe it has to do with the compression / packing used for the application which is sending the false positive. He may reply himself but until then I wouldn't worry too much about it as it is a known issue.

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    boxbundy Guest
    Ok. I figured it as being false. I was wondering about this ole.dll error message crash. I stopped it being constantly deleted but on a full scan I don't know how to stop it being detected and shoved into the vault or being deleted again.

    It's annoying me. I managed a full scan the second time without a crash but still had to rescue the param.sfo editor again

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