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    PS3 Triangle Button [UnAnswered] Paradox Special Note?

    Update: The GODs @ Paradox have just released Sonic_The_Hedgehog_USA_PS3-PARADOX and to quote from the NFO File:

    | sPECIAL nOTE: |
    | |
    | PS3 is the magic number !!!! What does it all mean ??? |
    | D-day coming soon ! |
    what does that mean?

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    PS3 = 3

    3 = March

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    I believe it means the only thing it can... that a public PS3 iSO Loader is coming soon (hopefully the PDX testing is near completion). Also, slightly off topic... but today we were also approached about the PS3 TEST (Debug Station) Firmware. Not sure if it has any relevance to any iSO Loader, but places with TEST PS3 consoles (iGN/GameSpot/software houses/etc) can run properly imaged (via the $CE BR-DVD Gen Tool) copies on them. It will be interesting to see if it fits into the picture or not...

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    Completely speculative, but seeing as they say, "PS3 is the magic number," the release date is probably hidden in that message.

    If you take the numerical position of letters P and S in the alphabet, you get 16 and 19.

    P + S + 3 = 16 + 19 + 3 = 38 -> March 8?

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    ive never been so excited for march. even if the loader doesnt come out, the game lineup for march is pretty sick. and add to that the movie 300 is showing, its gonna be one hell of a month ladies.

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    "PS3 is the magic number"

    So I thought hmmm ok...

    P is the 16th letter in the alphabet
    S is the 19th letter in the alphabet

    1+6 = 7

    1+9= 10


    Is "D-day" 3/10/07 ????? Just a thought.

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    Japan launch date was 11 U.S. launch date was 17 so you get 3/28/07 I GUESS.

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    Or maybe it's just a tease. I mean maybe it's just something to keep you busy and doesn't mean anything at all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karoi View Post
    Or maybe it's just a tease. I mean maybe it's just something to keep you busy and doesn't mean anything at all...
    Hahahaha....that's what they did on Prison Break recently!!!

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    I dont honestly think it means anything Just there to keep people excited/thinking.

    No games out at the mo worth using the iso loader for anyway.

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