Hey everyone i just got a new Plam Pre Plus through Verizon Wireless, this comes with the Mobile Hotspot which you can use to link up to 5 devices.

We cant get any internet at our house so this was the only option. Last night i tried running the mobile hotspot then going into Network settings & trying to set up the PS3 to view the wireless signal. Keyed my WPA/WPA2 security key in and continued.

Almost immediatly my phone told me there was a device connected, the PS3 was still working its connection. About 1 minute later maybe 30 seconds my phone tells me the device "disconnected" itself from the wifi.

I tried this over and over with the same thing happening over and over. My question for anyone who knows is how/why is this happening, is there anyway to keep it connected? I really hope so this is my only option for online gaming . . please HELP if anyone can !