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Thread: PAL ps3fat 80gb, no picture on NTSC tv through hdmi?

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    h04n9 Guest

    PAL ps3fat 80gb, no picture on NTSC tv through hdmi?

    Hi, I have a PAL PS3fat from dubai and I'm trying to get it on a NTSC TV Sony xbr9 52". Its showing as 'unsupported signal...' through HDMI, No picture at all. The AV cable does show picture in color not black/white. I have tried it on other tv and same thing no picture through hdmi. The AV cable works so I thought component cable should too but also no picture, then with Green/Blue plug and red remove its black/white.

    I've read that there should not be a issue with hdmi whether its PAL/NTSC because hdmi is digital signal but not true for me. Then some had no success with hdmi but component cable works fine for them.

    Is there anyway I can change the 576i to ntsc resolution? I remember seeing somewhere about ftp to ps3 and they have settings for these but I don't know where located or if i'm about to change them.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    You should be able to reset your PS3 to automatically detect resolution of the connected TV.

    Switch the PS3 off via front power button so the red light is on. Plug the HDMI lead to TV, switch TV on and select the corresponding HDMI input. Then push and HOLD front power on button on the PS3. It shoul beep once first and shortly after that twice. Let the button go after the double beep and after few seconds the picture should show up on your screen offering you to select / choose the screen resolution. You might need to try it two or more times to get the timings right

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    Transient Guest
    A couple ideas if you haven't already tried them:

    1) Connect AV cable and HDMI cable. Go to Display settings on PS3 and set it to 1080P. Switch TV to HDMI input.

    2) Connect only HDMI and do the PS3 video reset procedure.

    I'm not sure where these settings are stored on the PS3, but I'm guessing probably in the firmware's registry file.

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    h04n9 Guest
    I have tried the reset procedure many times before with no success!

    On a Toshiba tv after reset with HDMI connected, just black blank screen with no setting/resolution option. With AV cable connected it does as ask whether use HDMI or AV.

    On sony xbr after reset with HDMI connected, black screen with message 'unsupported signal...' With AV cable after reset it ask whether use HDMI or AV.

    The thing is if use AV to display, then go to display settings. It doesn't me choose resolution right away for HDMI but just HDMI and if i choose HDMI then black screen.

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    10fwd Guest
    are you sure that your tv supports hdcp signal? as a blank screen is all you will get if the tv doesnt support it

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    marc2590 Guest
    Well this happened to me one time. what i did was connected the HDMI cable to the tv and PS3 and did the PS3 resolution reset (by holding the power button until you hear a second beep) and after it reset i had a blank screen so what i did was just unplug and replug the HDMI cable from the PS3 and it worked

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    h04n9 Guest
    The sony model is KDL-52XBR9, YES it does support HDCP. Its top of the line for Sony HD and very recent model.

    I just tried this now again, RESET by hold down power and tried uplug HDMI then re-plug. Still black screen with "unsupported signal" message at bottom.

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    10fwd Guest
    obvious one here, but have you tried any other hdmi leads? there may be a break preventing the tv getting the full signal..

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    PsyProX Guest
    I got the same problem with my panasonic TC-P46S2 TV. But I just get the black screen nothing more. The weird thing is when I use it with video the PS3 even tells me it found a HDMI source and if I want to use it. However nothing happens when change to HDMI...

    is it possible we need this i.o. to get a signal?

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