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    I always find it amusing how everyone always just assumes the PS3 is region free for games. I certainly wouldn't count on it.

    This is based upon two things:

    1. Sony have said they are not region locking their games.
    2. JAP and USA are the same region for Blueray movies.

    Did you know that Microsoft also do not region lock their 360 games. Nearly all MS published titles are region free. However, the disks have the capability to be region locked and nearly all 3rd party publishes do region lock the games.

    Because Sony chose not to region lock titles they publish, doesn't mean the console is region free for games. I wouldn't be very surprised if the majority of PAL games will not work on NTSC consoles. Also, I would also be surprised if Sony keep their word, since they have lied about everything else.

    I also think point 2 is a reason for confusion. In the days of the DVD, USA was region 1 and JAP was region 2. In the Blueray world they are the same region, but Europe is a different region.

    I honestly can't see most 3rd party publishes creating region free games knowing that users could import a release from the states for 30 or pay 60 for the same release in the UK. It would make no commercial sense.

    I'm not that interested in the PS3 until it gets some good exclusives. Till then i'll stick with my 360's.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWchamp View Post
    You could (if you have the hardware) simply run it through DVD Shrink and make the disk region free. If its simply a matter of locking out the region # then this will take both the PS3 and the movie disk itself out of the equation leaving your TV as the sole remaining factor.
    Wowchamp - by running japanese ps2 game through "DVD Shrink" and removing the region, could i then play the game on a US ps3?


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    I wonder if a mpeg file that is Pal Format will play. Anyone tried to play a pal mpeg file yet? I would try it out but I am not at my house right now.

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    all ps3 games is region free.dvds simple or blue ray have region lock.

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    you could just burn an xvid and play it in linux w/vlc. that would save a lot of headache probably.

    edit: you know make a batch encode or something of dvds you have ripped from what you owned, put a couple onto dvd or something. that's what I do but then again I don't really care about hd unless it's for games.
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    USA and JApan have the same region code right? - And on both a US and JAP game there's a region number on it; region 1, right? So then we dont know if another region code works, unless someone tried a pal ps3 game.

    I hope it truly is not region locked, as Im taking my ps3 back to europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eternal View Post
    If its the same as the PS2 then region codes arent the problem even using ARMax or GameShark a NTSC PS2 cannot play PAL DVDs due to the frame buffer.

    If this is the same on PS3 then no region meddling will fix this.
    So i have a US ps3 but live in Europe, so there is no way to watch dvd movies i rent at the local store?

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    Just reburn the dvd without region lock, or swap the disk with one from your region it will work. (playing pal on jap swapping with japanese ff: ac movie)

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    For people who want to import Blu-Ray movies and want to know if its compatible with their PAL ps3...

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    If you install Linux, Linux will run those DVD's. I've ran a few PAL movies on my NTSC PS3 that way.

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