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Thread: Packing PS3 backup games as .pkg's help?

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    leukotic Guest

    Packing PS3 backup games as .pkg's help?

    I am curious, is it possible that someday we will be able to put our backed-up games in proper .pkg format and install them on the XMB like you would a normal PSN game? Or is something like this not likely to happen (based on what is currently known)?

    Cause while using a backup manager is not difficult at all, having my backed-up games directly on the XMB would be pretty nice. Plus this could benefit those of us with multiple PS3's as well. Because playing off the HDD will greatly increase the life of the BD laser, and with a simple data-transfer from a CFW PS3 to a OFW PS3, somebody could have the game installed on a PSN-enabled OFW PS3 for online play (since no BM would be required). Although the game pkg would have to be signed with the 'key' to work on a OFW PS3.

    Reason I ask is because I currently have two PS3's. One with a kmeaw CFW 3.55, and the other is OFW 3.6 (so I can access PSN and play online games). And the prospect of backing up my purchased online games and playing off the OFW 3.6 PS3 HDD is indeed one to strive for. Especially with some games (Black Ops for example) which are constantly being read from the disk. Undoubtedly reducing the BD lasers life.

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    Natepig Guest
    This is already possible to do on cfw's and has been for a while now. As regards to ofw, its not possible to do this with the latest ofw and it is impracticle to attempt each time there is a ofw upgrade.

    Like me you have the best of both worlds, an offline jailbreaked ps3, and an up-to-date ofw ps3 for online play. Its more important to look after your hacked one as if and when the ofw one breaks down, you can just go and buy a new one.

    Start a wee savings pot for it now

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    zant Guest
    Are there any prepacked games floating around?

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    leukotic Guest
    Well the way I was thinking is that if the game was packed as a legit pkg file that is signed with the public key (or whatever it's called), then it wouldn't matter how many times the OFW got updated, as the game would remain playable just like any other game installed on the PS3. Unless of course Sony managed to make the public key useless, although it's hard to see how since so many older games are signed with it.

    And yeah, in fact that was my main reason for having two PS3's in the first place. I had both long before PSJB came out, and I lucked out because since I had one sitting around as a backup, I never updated and was able to JB it. Boy am I glad I didn't keep it up to date like my main PS3! And ironically after going through 2 previous PS3's (why I decided to get a backup) I have yet to have a problem with my main PS3, which so far has outlasted both my previous ones. Go figure huh? lol.

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    Natepig Guest
    It was possible to take almost any game and make a package to run from the xmb. All these pkg's stopped working with the release of ofw 3.56, and no one has yet made the same method possible. It would seem that sony are and will in the future be able to block this method of packaging games to be launched from the xmb.

    The cut and dry of it is, in answer to the original question, yes you can for 3.55 and below, but for ofw 3.56 or higher forget it.
    Quote Originally Posted by zant View Post
    Are there any prepacked games floating around?
    I have seen some on usenet that are presented in this form but if you can get yourself to cfw 3.55 and stay there for the time being.

    The xmb pkg thing is outdated and no one needs to be that worried about there bluray drive if you are using backup managers.

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