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    IHM Guest

    P3GO Painfully slow access and writing speeds?

    Hi all, whenever i conect my p3go to my pc it takes about 5 mins to read the device, i can watch the progress bar slowly moving and time it, its a joke. Its like this every time, waiting before you can even access the devoce let alone write to it.

    Funny enough once the pc has kinnda accessed it it writes and performs ok, it just seems the initial plugin is screwed some how, anybody else have one?

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    BwE Guest
    Yeah its very dodgy, try without a "TD Card".. and if it's doing it without one then uhhh... different port?

    I haven't had any positive experiences with the jailbreak myself as mine came faulty lol.

    But as mentioned in another post i'll be reviewing it and HARD very shortly.

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    IHM Guest
    Well to be honest apart from the impossible to understand instructions on the site, and the slow plugin access, it seems pretty good so far.

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    demondor Guest
    Are you using the P3Go GT Break? If so, I'm using it and I've got no issues connecting it to my pc; it takes 20 seconds or less to detect it alongwith the microsd card.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    They released something new for people which had a problem with the Core's. Download my attachment and read the *.doc.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    brother trust me i would prefer you get it replaced... the 1 year warranty is for something... not just to feel happy about it...!!!

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